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    1. st SIGNED 1st Edition: "Golf Shotmaking" by Billy Casper

      Golf Shotmaking is for every golfer who wants to score better. William Earl Casper, Jr. (born June 24, 1931) is an American professional golfer who was one of the most prolific tournament winners on the PGA Tour from the mid 1950s to the mid 1970s.Casper had 51 PGA Tour wins in his career, placing him seventh on the all time list. His victories helped him finish third in McCormack's World ...

    2. st 1st Printing: "Pylon" by William Faulkner

      Pylon is the story of a group of barnstormers, whose lives are thoroughly unconventional. They live hand to mouth always a step or two ahead of destitution and their interpersonal relationships are unorthodox and shocking by the standards of their society and times. They meet an overwrought and extremely emotional newspaperman in New Valois, who gets deeply involved with them, with tragic ...

    3. st FIRST EDITION "The Ugly American" by Lederer & Burdick

      The Ugly American is about men and women in Southeast Asia-- people being a little corrupt, people trapped by the beauty of a land or of a woman, people being bought cheap with champagne and caviar. 285 pages. First Edition.

    4. st 1st Edition: "What Falls Away" by Mia Farrow

      In this exquisitely written memoir, Mia introduces us to the landscapes of her extraordinary life. Mia Farrrow's story is ultimately one of hope and courage in the face of difficulty; of commitment to others -- most important of whom are her children; and of spiritual strength. Readers will not easily forget this remarkable book, even long after the last page has been turned.

    5. st 1st Edition: "Sex & Destiny" by Germaine Greer

      "Sex & Destiny" is concerned with one of the most vital issues confronting the world and its human population. Germaine Greer holds a Phd from Cambridge University. First Edition; 539 pages. Please search > st < in books & magazines for my other interesting offerings.

    6. st A Romantic's Guide to the Country Inns of Britain & Ireland 1st ED.

      This book describes and illustrates some of the best romantic country inns of Britain and Ireland. Most of these places are still in operation because they have been around for over a 100 years. The book is in very good condition. Check the prices on Amazon.

    7. st The Grimaldis of Monaco by Ann Edwards>>FIRST EDITION

      "The Grimaldis of Monaco" tells in full the remarkable history of the world's oldest reigning dynasty.It covers the entire family's incredible history as well as Prince Rainier's marriage to the beautiful American actress Grace Kelly. This is a great book.

    8. st 1st Edition: "Seven Wonders of the World" by Lowell Thomas

      Lowell Jackson Thomas (April 6, 1892 – August 29, 1981) was an American writer, broadcaster, and traveler, best known as the man who made Lawrence of Arabia famous. So varied were Thomas's activities that when it came time for the Library of Congress to catalog his memoirs they were forced to put them in "CT" ("biographies of subjects who do not fit into any other category") in their ...

    9. st 1st Edition: "Memoirs of a Revolutionist" by Vera Figner

      This is the authorized translation from Russian. Vera Figner was the oldest of six children of a wealthy forester. When she was eleven she was sent to the Rodionovsky Institute for Women in Kazan for the following six years. When she returned to her rural home she was influenced by her liberal uncle, and began to aspire to help the poor. She decided to study medicine, which was not permitted ...

    10. st 1st Edition: "Me" by Katharine Hepburn

      In that inimitable Hepburn voice-- witty, intelligent, candid, immediate-- she tells us the stories of her life.

    11. st 1st Edition: "Memories of Midnight" by Sidney Sheldon

      "Memories of Midnight" is the compelling portrayal of one woman's fight against a terrifying destiny. First Edition: 339 pages. Please search > st < in books and magazines to view my other interesting offerings.

    12. st 1st Edition: "The Salad Days" by Douglas Fairbanks, JR.

      The Salad Days covers a time that will never happen again. This is Fairbank's autobiography covering the twenties and the thirties and ends in 1941, when FDR sent him and his new wife Mart Lee on a fact finding tour of South America just before the United States entered World War II. It covers many of the great stars of Hollywood's Golden Era. First Edition 1988: 431 pages.

    13. st "Off the Record: The Private Papers of Harry S. Truman"

      Edited by Robert H. Ferrel, this warm and highly entertaining book has highlights from the private papers of Harrt S. Truman - diaries, letters and memoranda ranging from 1945 to 1971. 448 pages.

    14. st 1st Edition: "The Hope" by Herman Wouk

      Herman Wouk is one of the world's great historical novelists, whose peerless talent for capturing the human drama of landmark world events has earned him world wide acclaim. In "The Hope", his long awaited return to historical fiction, he turns to one of the most thrilling stories of our time -- the saga of Israel. First Edition: 693 pages. Please search > st < in Books & Magazines to see my ...

    15. st RARE: Waverley Novels "Redgauntlet" & "The Pirate"

      This is a rare edition of the Waverley Novels published sometime in the 1800's. The date on the introduction page is April 1, 1832 (see photo). The book contains two novels. Besides being a good read, this is a great conversation piece for your library.

    16. st 1st Edition: "Message From Malaga" by Helen MacInnes

      Helen MacInnes has fashioned a strikingly new, intrguingly intricate, and breathless adventure with the lives of many in the balance and the security of a nation at stake. First edition: 367 pages.

    17. st 1st Edition: "Eye on the World" by Walter Cronkite

      Walter Cronkite was the most trusted journalist in American History. This was in stark contrast to both Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon who contrived and publicly told lies to advance their ill concieved plans. Lies that caused untold thousands of innocent human beings to be tortured, maimed and killed. This book captures some of the incidents of that era. First Edition-second ...

    18. st 1st Edition: "Tristram Shandy" by Laurence Sterne

      "The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman" or more briefly simply 'Tristram Shandy' is ostensibly Tristram's narration of his life's story. But it is one of the central jokes of the novel that he cannot explain anything simply, that he must make explanatory diversions to add context and color to his tale, to the extent that we do not even reach Tristram's own birth until Volume III ...

    19. st  1st Edition: "The Complete Plays of Gilbert & Sullivan"

      This is the FIRST EDITION by the Modern Library of Gilbert & Sullivans Plays. This was published in 1936 and has 711 pages.

    20. st "Disraeli" by Andre Maurois

      This is the biography of Benjamin Disraeli(1804 to 1881),the famous British Prime Minister. It is also a story of the Victorian age. 421 pages

    21. st "Friends and Their Food" by Virginia Safford

      Virginia Safford spent 28 years writing newpaper columns in association with the Minneapolis Star and Tribune. During that time she traveled the world making friends and gathering their favorite recipes. Along with the food she tells little stories about these people. 424 pages.

    22. st SIGNED 1st Edition: The World & Warren's Cartoons by Walter Langsam

      In the 'World and Warrens Cartoons' Walter C. Langsam has put both -- the world and the cartoons -- in a perspective that bespeaks the art of the skillful historian. Not only has he furnished a backdrop for Warren cartoons, he has provided a comprehensive, albeit succinct, history of the postwar period. Free shipping inside the USA.

    23. st "The Counterfeiters" by Andre Gide

      This is the Modern Library edition published in 1931. It is translated from french by Dorothy Bussy. With many character and crisscrosing plot lines,its main theme is that of the original and the copy, and what differentiates them -- both in the external plot of the counterfeit gold coins and in the portrayal of the character's feeling and their relationships. 372 pages.

    24. st 1st Edition: " Word of Honor" by Nelson DeMille

      This book probes the conflicting concepts of honor, duty and loyalty......if fiction can assuage the lingering moral pain of the Vietnam War, it's through the kind of driving honesty coupled with knowledgeability that DeMille employs here, in a story as riveting as The Caine Mutiny, but with wider implications. First Edition. 518 pages.